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Aplicable Documents¡GBellcore GR-326-CORE
Insertion Loss ¡G¡Ø0.3dB(SM)¡F¡Ø0.5dB(MM)
Return Loss¡GSPC¡Ù50dB.UPC.¡Ù55dB.APC.¡Ù65dB
Temp. Range¡G -40¢X to +75¢XC
Durablity¡G <0.2dB change after 500 cycles
Boot and Dustcap color : Blue¡EBlack¡EYellow¡ERed¡EOthers



021-1000 ST Diecast Holder S.M/900£gm
021-1001 ST Diecast Holder S.M/3.0mm
021-1002 ST Diecast Holder M.M/900£gm
021-1003 ST Diecast Holder M.M/3.0mm
021-1004 ST Plastic Holder M.M/900£gm
021-1005 ST Plastic Holder M.M/3.0mm
021-1006 ST Diecast Holder with RING M.M/3.0mm
021-1007 ST Plastic Holder S.M/3.0mm Full plastic style
021-1008 ST Diecast Holder with RING S.M/3.0mm
021-1009 ST Diecast Holder M.M/2.0mm
021-1010 ST Diecast Holder S.M/2.0mm

ST-S.M MOLDING Connector
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