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Dersing Electronics Co., Ltd.
Establishment: 1987
Employees: 40
Capital: USD 1 million
Turnover: USD 4 million/year

Dersing Electronics, originally established in 1987, featured in CNC machine OEM assembly, coaxial cable assembly and also patent type terminator.
1990 commencement of production of the I.F
(Interference Filter) type connector - Isolated connector.
1992 First participation in the Munich exhibition.
1994 Extension in opening up and developing BNC die-cast tooling with purchasing plan adjusted, all parts
ordered from other suppliers.
1996 Application for ISO 9002 certification, and removal to a new building (1,200 square meters).
1997 Acquirement of the ISO 9002 authentication.
1999 Commencement of production of fiber optic connector, adaptor and patch cord, as well as purchase of the MTRJ patent.
2002 First participation in the USA/OFC exhibition, and commencement of production of SMB, SMC, MCX, MMCX, 1.0/2.3 & 1.6/5.6 connectors.
2004 Commencement of mini coaxial cable assembly.
2005 Application for SGS RoHS compliance.
2006 Purchase of RoHs test apparatus.
2007 Company expansion with the establishment of a new building and the total measures reached
2,000 square meters.

Dersing Electronics Co., Ltd.
Contact person: JOHNSON HSU
No. 12, Chong Sun 15th St., Tainan, Taiwan
Tel: 886-6-2680071
Fax: 886-6-2680073
P/O Box: 24-36 Tainan, Taiwan
E-mail: dersing@ksmail.seed.net.tw

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